Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The National War Alliance Forum

If you are a big fan of Call to Duty check out this forum. Get together with like minded people talk about your tours and the next game generation. I have no affiliation with this site but I enjoy the game. If I like I am going to blog it.
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"The Official National War Alliance Forums Are Now Open. If You Are A Faithful Member Of The Alliance, Please Sign Up And Participate. I Hope To Be Able To Reward Prizes And Gifts In The Near Future. Announcements Will No Longer Be Posted On The Main Page. Results Or Any Other Information Will Be Placed On The Proper Forums Threads, At The Proper Times. The Headquarters Will Be Reserved For Live Updates On Upcoming Clan Battles And/Or Featured Member Profiles. All The Headline News Will Be Removed Shortly And Placed In The Archives For A Short-Period Of Time, Before They Are Burned At The Stake To Ensure The Organization's Privacy. After Reviewing The Archives, I Have Decided It Would Cause Much Unneeded Chaos Amongst Other Clans. Therefore, To Ensure Friendly Alliances, All These Criticisms And Reports Must Be Disposed-Of Quickly." -NWA Gen Arturo Posted On: July 3, 2007 ( 00:23 )

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