Saturday, April 4, 2009

Welcome to the Fools Grove

Hey looking to find some strange creatures to torture your players with then you may want to send them to the Fool's Grove. You will find creatures like the Campestri mean spirited little fungi, how about the Flail Snail for a little battery.
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The Dungeon Delve supplement introduces the delve style of adventure to anyone who hasn't had the fortune to be at a convention featuring our RPGA delves. Coinciding with Dungeon Delve's release last month, we are pleased to offer the following "missing" delve—originally set for party level 2 1/2.

In a time long before the current age of the world, fomorians began magical experimentation with myriad life forms, fey and otherwise, to produce nefarious guardians and soldiers. Such experimentation inevitably results in successes and failures. Loath to part with their failed experiments without sowing some form of wickedness, the fomorians devised mystical prisons for their underwhelming monstrosities. These they built upon or near the surface of the world, where their castoff pets could do harm to the fomorians' enemies.

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