Monday, January 24, 2011

The Inn of Delights

There is an inn of such wonder and mystery, it has become known as the Inn of Delights. The Inn is actually known by many names, in one town it is call the Blind Ox in others the Black Griffon or the Drunken Goat. The Inn of Delights is by it's very nature many inns.

Long ago a great wizard of many adventures and very profitable adventure's indeed. Decided it was time to buy himself an inn and settle to begin research in planar travels and gates. He hired a staff and set them to managing his inn. The inn it's self was not large totaling only 15 rooms a large dinning hall a a bar set apart from the hall, a large stable.

The wizard however found a way around the limited rooms by creating rooms in dimensional pockets. Guest would be given keys that attuned a door to one of these dimensional rooms. As time went on the wizard began buying other inns in different towns and cities linking these inns together. In this way the wizards was able to travel to different loctions for his research and components of exotic nature.

For the right price guest could travel from city to city swiftly to conduct business. As the years past the wizard began to be seen less and less and one day he just disappeared. The Inn of Delights has remained.

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