Thursday, October 25, 2007

D&D Insider

This is the recent news on the new on-line gaming platform for Dungeons and Dragons. To read more go to
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D&D Insider features a variety of resources that will help players and DMs if they choose to subscribe. D&D Insider is part client applications and part web resources. The client applications will be rich Windows clients, with some functionality only available when the user is online and identified as a D&D Insider subscriber, and others available even when the user is offline.

D&D Insider will launch in June 2008 with the new Player’s Handbook, but is not required to play D&D 4th Edition; it simply provides extra options that you can unlock with the subscription. These digital tools are by no mean necessary to play the game, but are designed to facilitate some of the game’s aspects.

Next time: A look at digital objects, including the virtual mini, tiles and tokens!

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