Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Yuwie Earnings

Hey I just received may earnings report for September. I know it does not look like much at this time however I have only been using Yuwie for a short time and I only have a few referrals. It is also great because I use just like I would use Myspace but Myspace does not give me one penny. Not only do I earn with money with Yuwie but I also can earn money because of what I promote on my site or blogs. I hope you take the time to at least check it out because it is totally free to join. I also have put the member ship total for the month in this post.
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RSR for September 2007: $0.46Status: Pending Audit
LevelYour CutViewsEarnings
Level 110%161$0.01
Level 210%86$0.00
Level 34%0$0.00
Level 44%0$0.00
Level 54%0$0.00
Level 64%0$0.00
Level 74%0$0.00
Level 810%0$0.00
Level 910%0$0.00
Level 1030%0$0.00
Totals: 2,632$0.12
The earnings report is generated between the 10th-15th of each month for the previous month.
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New Members
Total Members: 135,003
New This Month: 29,751
New Today: 1,399
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