Monday, October 1, 2007

New Magic Item: Vampire's Curse

I just made a new magic dagger called the Vampire's Curse. You can see it below or go to dndsnd Wiki. Let me know what you think.

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The Dagger Vampire's Curse is 21 inches in length, made from solid silver hardened both magically and alchemically. The dagger is a +2 weapon for the most part and is actually two daggers one dagger is a 15 inch ironwood blade that slides in and out of a slot position above the guard of the of the silver blade, the wooden blade is also +2. The ironwood blade is attuned to the silver dagger and if it is removed or stolen will allways return to it's position on the silver blade within 24 hours. Vampire's curse is a bane to all undead increasing it's enhancement bonus by +2 and dealing an extra 2d6 damage against foes against vampires however it has one more ability much like a holy symbol you can hold a vampire at bay, it must stay at least 5ft away from the wielder once presented toward the vampire, which is a standard action. Should the wielder attack then the vampire may attack back at a -2 to all it's attacks and abilities.

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