Monday, October 15, 2007

A little poem I wrote called "Breath"

I wrote this poem just today on my Yuwie blog and thought I would share it here to. It is called "Breath" 10/15/2007
clipped from
when the world was young the breath was sweet
she breathed in and she breathed out
creatures breathed in, creatures breathed out
creatures breathed out and she breathed in
what breath we share was sweet

what breath i breathed was sweet and i feel young
when i breathe out she breathes in
she shares my breath and the breath is sweet
you and i breathe the breath of her
always she gives us more sweeter than before

no breath can ever be better than hers
when no breath comes then we breathe no more
so give our breath back to her
breathe deep the breath of her
no sweeter breath you can give back to her

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