Monday, March 30, 2009

Gaming Humor

Here are some funny things that happen at the gaming table. These are all clipped from Wizards of the Coast, you can read more just follow the link.
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It helps if you pronounce the hyphen

From Jacob:

DM: The marilith disarms you.
PC: But I'm a monk. I'm not using any weapons.
DM: My bad. Let me do this again... she dis-arms you.

As Columbus writes "Spain" on the right edge of the paper…

DM: The passageway ends. You can go left or right.
David: Let's go left.
Jacob: Wait. Let's go right.
David: Why right?
Jacob: Well, I just think that because we fought the trolls back in a room that was on the right, we should go right.
David: [Incredulous] What?
Jacob: I'm on the edge of the paper. If we go left, I'll run out of paper.
David: OK, let's go right.

Spelling counts

From Bob:

A player passed me a note to tell me that he was disguised as a "pheasant." He was extremely surprised when the bad guys entered the tavern to see his character in a bird costume, trying to be discreet.

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Alex J. Burtness said...

For whatever reason using words horribly incorrectly always ends up being a point of humour in our sessions. For example, after once being "cleaved" by an orc wielding a club, we started to use cleave in place of every possible verb.

Another classic is refusing to use the names for NPCs that the DM assigns. My DM made the mistake of naming a character Jacob Irons. We called him Jeremy Irons (The voice of Scar from the Lion King) the whole time. Hilarity ensued.


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