Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stephen King's "IT" Remake

I read this little snippet at, It made me giddy. I am excited that this movie will be remade, I did like the original TV version of "IT" but the conclusion always left a hollow feeling in my soul, it was not as fulfilling as the ending of the book "IT". But comparing a book to a movie usually leaves sore spots for everyone involved. I will leave you with HELL YEAH FOR THE "IT" REMAKE.
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I absolutely loved the original version of this TV movie when I was growing up. I liked the first half better than I liked the second half, but regardless it scarred the hell out of me and I couldn’t help but watch it over and over again on the VHS copy I made from the TV movie. I actually just picked up the flick on DVD. The book ‘IT’ which was published in 1986 was amazing as well! I didn’t read it until way down the road but the book was way more crazy, and way more intense, like all Stephen King books are.

The new ‘IT’ film is being developed by Lin Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment. This movie will be a fresh take adapted from Stephen Kings original novel and not the 90’s four hour TV horror fest.  Writing the script is a guy named Dave Kajganich who is also writing the upcoming ‘Pet Semetary’ remake… What! Yeah that’s gonna be a tough act to follow.

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