Sunday, June 3, 2007

EMBER, Sword of the Furious Dragon

5,000 years ago a dragon was born, Ember, he was a rare dragon born from a black, fathered by a red. He was the first to hatch and upon, awakening to this world he his hunger new no bounds, Ember consumed all his brothers and sisters. He was born with more awareness than any dragon before; already he was a cunning wyrm he new that no dragon would stand against him as he grew in power, and did he grow he was a dark cloud tinged with red his massiveness gave him enormous advantage over other blacks he came across, even his mother was both proud and yet fearful of him. She new that if he continues on his frequent rampages and cunning ambushes, he would eventually destroy her just to gain her hoard, so in a show of power she attached him with hopes of destroying him before he did that very thing. Ember was not surprised he expected it, and had prepared. Ember was not only born with just acid breath, but born with fire in his bowels a secret he had kept to himself.

To be continued.

Who wants to take a stab at drawing Ember.

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