Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mind Flayer

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The most feared of the psionic races are the illithids or mind flayers, alien octopus-headed creatures that dwell in dank places, manipulating the minds of lesser beings. A small but significant minority of these creatures have levels in psion, though all have significant inherent psionic ability. The most powerful mind flayer city is Oryndoll, a massive complex in the Lower Darklands. Ruled by the Encephalithid (NE elder brain psion 20 [telepath]), an incredibly powerful elder brain, Oryndoll is one of the most imposing and powerful cities in the Underdark. Recently, astral travelers have reported seeing strange explosions in astral space near portals originating in Oryndoll. Psychics among them claim to have heard strange alien screaming and have seen visions of an enormous, tentacle-headed being quaking in anger. Some whisper that Ilsensine, the god of the illithids, is angry with Oryndoll, but this is only conjecture.

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